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Sea Sunbeams

  • 'Sea Sunbeams' speaks to our strong connection to nature and how many of us feel called to the ocean . The painting portrays a response to the landscape that connects deeply to the human psyche. This artwork depicts two young women atop a coastal cliff looking out to the sea sunbeams. The emotive brushstrokes capture the movement and energy that forms their world. These markings are juxtaposed by the finer detail of the figures, a signature of Esplin’s style. Soft neutral tones mean this piece can seamlessly integrate and elevate many interiors.

    Available exclusively at Bluethumb. Free shipping!

    Acrylic on Canvas

    Can be purchased with or without a frame on Bluethumb (this price includes framing) - click here.

    106.1cm (W) x 81.3cm (H) x 3.8cm (D)

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