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"I look to capture a memory. The moment, not as it was, but as it was felt"
-Lauren Esplin

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Nicole, NSW

“I was thoroughly impressed with the consultation  ...Lauren went far and beyond our expectations. The photographs and the painting are amazing!"

Sue, SA

"Lauren was extremely sensitive to her subjects, she communicated regularly with me and readily made any changes I requested. I love the painting I received."

Caitlin, NSW

“I was drawn to her work because of the way she uses colour and I love the idea of having a piece that’s both meaningful and beautiful.”

01 about

Considered composition. Intuitive colour. Emotive markings. Careful detail.

Sydney's Northern Beaches Artist, Lauren Esplin feels most herself with her feet sunk deeply into the sand, cool sea on her skin, and taste of salt on her lips. 

Lauren is a featured Bluethumb artist, she is also represented by Bison Art and currently her work is showing at Artifex Interiors.

Her contemporary paintings combine abstracted coastal landscapes featuring emotive markings with detailed figures. 

“I look to capture the moment, not as it was, but as it was felt”. 

Lauren seamlessly integrates elegantly detailed figures into emotive environments that echo the familiar...  Read more.

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03 commissions

We all have thousands of digital photos of our children and grandchildren and beautiful shots of our favourite beaches on our devices that we will never see again. Imagine having an artwork in your home that captures precious memories in a beautiful and contemporary aesthetic. This is what I do.

Commission a beach painting of your own. Find out how

Photo of girl at Curl Curl Beach by Northern Beaches artist Lauren Esplin
Beach painting commission kids Sydney
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