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Interior Designers

Clear Communication

We will discuss colours, muse, size and aesthetic and I can recommend pieces or we can discuss the possibility of a commission with reference to my body of work. To eliminate as much of the guess work as possible. There will be process updates and opportunity for feedback and amendment.

Clear Deliverables

From the beginning we will agree on key deliverables which will guide our collaboration so we stay on track with the project delivery.

Time Sensitive Service

Delivering any project on time and on budget is of importance to Interior Designers and clients. I will work with you to deliver an original artwork that will enhance your space in the agreed upon time.

Clear communication. Clear Deliverables. Time Sensitive Service.

A piece of art has the power to transform a space and enhance other design choices.

However, trying to find that perfect piece of artwork in the right colours, at the right specifications, within the allocated budget, at the right time, can prove challenging - to say the least.

I work with interior designers to supply and create original artworks for your clients' space.


I understand that you have worked hard to build your business. I understand that your clients come first. I understand that you have deadlines and requirements.

Contact me directly if you would like more information on purchasing or commissioning an artwork or if you require a quote for an upcoming project.

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