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Beach Time - Lauren and her family at North Narrabeen

Updated: May 8, 2023

Northern Beaches artist, Lauren Esplin, at North Narrabeen beach with her family. Swimming costume features Lauren's art.

I love the idea of escaping for a weekend getaway, but with two small children in tow and days carved in two by nap time, the idea versus the reality are worlds apart.

For now, I have accepted that for us, a trip to the beach is not only more practical but also more restorative.

I find we have our best play sessions are at the beach as a family. When we are home (especially given I work from home!) there are always too many distractions for me and an never ending list of things I need to do.

When I'm flying solo with the kids there is the added pressure of taking care of all the "life admin" (hats, drink bottles, snacks, nappies, spare clothes etc.) by myself. Then at play dates, parks or play centers I always feel a bit stressed trying to keep tabs on my two and usually drawn away from my children to talk to adults who are playing with my kids - nice but again, not really engaging with my children.

I wish I had endless energy of Chilli and Bandit (from the hit kids show 'Bluey') but I don't -and they are animated!

However, when we are at the beach all together as a family, I have the help of my partner so the pressure and responsibility of caring for the kids is dramatically reduced and we are in nature, away from the distractions of technology and 'to do lists' .

This is when I feel we connect. It is one reason the beach is so important to me - and I think a lot of other families.


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