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My tips: Choosing art for your home

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

Personally I would paint a wall black if it was needed to enhance an artwork I fell in love with! However, I get that not everyone wants to do that!

SO here are my tips for choosing art for an existing designed space here. These tips can also be used if we are collaborating on a piece for your home via a commission.

Please get in touch via the contact form on my homepage if you are after some specific advice commitment free - I am happy to help.


Consider the colours of your space including built elements like the wall and floor as well as furniture and homewares such as a console or lamp.

Are the colours warm or cool? Even neutrals have cool or warm undertones. Is there a certain colour that pops among neutral colours in your space that you may want to draw out or enhance through a complimentary colour in the artwork?

For example, drawing out a colour in an artwork is pretty self-explanatory - say you have a blue lamp - choose a painting with a similar blue.

However, a complimentary colour steps this up a notch - stick with me here. Blue and orange enhance one another (so do purple and yellow, and green and red) - so say you have a blue lamp - choosing a predominantly orange paining will REALLY compliment the space.


SHH this is a secret....most artists take pictures of their artworks in natural light - and for good reason.

For an artwork to really shine, it is ideal to have it in a position that get some ambient natural light during the day.

If this is not possible you can also light the painting especially, or think about where your existing ceiling lights are located - (this might not be something easily changed but it's handy to keep in mind none the less).

For a darker space, consider a painting with light colours that will reflect the light, and for a super sunny area consider a painting with darker colours that will absorb some of the light.


Go big or go home I say! You may have heard the advice that putting large furniture in a small room actually makes it look bigger - goes the same for art!

You will read a whole lot of suggestions online about specific wall to art ratios (art should take up 50%-75% of the wall) - I am not going to take you down this path!!

I would advise leaving a decent amount of wall space around a painting if you are going super large, consider the proportions of the furniture underneath - so if you have a buffet - don't have art wider than the buffet underneath.

That's it from me today- the kids are up!

Last thoughts, go with your gut and trust your instincts! Let's do this!


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