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Creating a beautiful and calming bedroom

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

I once stayed at an Airbnb boasting a large black painting of a tiger with red eyes hung over the bed.

Now each to their own in terms of aesthetic (I guess), although I couldn't help wonder on a more practical note; how this overwhelming artwork impacted guests' stay, and perhaps dare I say, sleep?!

Artifex Interiors in Balgowlah, Sydney have created a beautiful and calming bedroom using one of my artworks 'Tides'. Click here to shop this original painting.

The key to this space is the synergy between the artwork and other bedroom elements.

Artifex Ritz Table Lamps

There’s a certain geometry in the wood lamp that connects with the tessellated background in the artwork. The colour and texture in the shades connects to both the artwork and the throw (see below).

The Fairfax Bedside Table

With precision craftsmanship on show, The Fairfax bedside tables are endowed with a sleek contemporary style yet timeless quality. They are made from American Oak and finished in Superno. This finish in particular gives a lighter, less yellow look to the timber.

Textured Bemboka Angora and Merino Wool Throw

This look is all about the textures and tones working together. The throw is really speaking to the warm tones in the painting and the Cable Knit even reflects ripples in the water.

Wovenest Bench | By Modanest

This bench in White Oak with it's slight pinkish tinge works beautifully with the pinks and fawns in the painting. The natural traditional Danish cord brings another layer of texture and enhances the organic feel of this space and it's relationship with the outside world.

Barbary Rug in Shale I By Artifex

The selection of the Barbary Shale is perfect as it is distinguished by greenish grey tones that also call back to the artwork. The darker shade on the floor defines and grounds the space.


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