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Do you think your DNA influences your career path?

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Source: DOMAIN

I have been thinking about this as yesterday the sale of the famous house, Braelin, in Centennial Park, was finalised for a record $26.5 million dollars - it was designed by architect Donald Esplin (my great grand father!)

Though, maybe it would have been better if he had owned it rather than created it!!

As I have grown, my interests in architecture, interiors, design and art have emerged quite authentically. To say, that despite being aware of these familial ties, I have never been pushed in one direction or another.

My family line is full of architects and artists and I wonder whether this is coincidence or nature?

I am an artist because I have been pulled in this direction by a force I can't really explain.

There is NO rational reason for pursuing art! It is highly competitive, subjective, and takes a long time to master skills you may or may not be remunerated for.

What do you think? Do any professions/industries dominate your family tree? And, does the apple fall far from the tree?


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