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Sustainably refreshing your home using your favourite artworks

Updated: Jun 2

For something a bit different today I wanted to share a few ways in which you can update your interiors utilising the art pieces you have invested in and love!

Just because you have committed to an artwork you love doesn't mean your space needs to look the same forever more - unless you want it to!

I think there are two types of approaches here; you are either a "set and forget" person when it comes to styling your home, or you are one of those people who rearrange furniture and decor all the time.

My mother in law falls into the latter category. Every time I walk into her home the couch has moved! She is a slight woman but I tell you - where there is a will, there is a way!

Similarly, the Artifex Interiors showroom is constantly evolving. The ladies there are always moving things around to create fresh new spaces, often utilising the same elements.

My point - just because you have investment pieces doesn't mean you need to stick to the same look.

In fact, I argue that utilising these investment pieces in new ways will mean you will constantly have a high end interior that reflects your style. As compared to a stash of mass-produced knickknacks, flat-packs and similar, that come in and out of style faster than you can blink your eyes.

Tip Number 1 - Change the wall colour

Paint is economical and transformative. Choose either a coulour featured in the artwork, a neutral colour OR a complimentary colour (if you are unsure about what would be complimentary, use a colour wheel). Another more basic way to achieve this is to simply put a bunch of your clothes next to the painting and see what colours are working to your eye!

Tip Number 2 - Update the frame

A frame can totally change the look of an artwork. You can potentially paint it (just make sure you VERY carefully do this - either remove the frame or carefully tape it all up using painter's tape to protect the piece!) or perhaps take the artwork to a framer and select a whole new look. A new frame to a painting is like a new haircut to a person!

Tip Number 3 - Change surrounding decor

Another way to update your space is to change the surrounding accents. If the accents you are using speak to a colour in the artwork, either choose another colour in the artwork OR a complimentary colour. If the artwork is in your living room, why not update the covers on your cushions (don't get rid of the old ones - put them in your linen cupboard for your next transformation). Or if the artwork is above a console, shift the items beneath it around, change the vase etc.

One artwork, two different cushion accent options

Tip Number 4 - Move the pieces into a new room

Move the artworks around. They could either be shifted in the same room or moved to an whole new room entirely. Here is an example of my artwork 'Ripples' styled in a bedroom and a dining room.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it has given you some ideas for sustainably updating your home.



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