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Contemporary Interior Design Deconstructed: Why this space works?

Contemporary coastal sitting room with curved white armchairs, textured vase and art by Lauren Esplin
Cohesive contemporary sitting room

Do you often connect with a space but are unsure about exactly what you like about it? Here I deconstruct spaces and point out elements that make a space cohesive. So you can better understand your tastes and perhaps even replicate it at home.


I love how the light coming through the sheer drapes speaks to the vertical ridges of the vase.


The shapes in the artwork speak to those in the space. See how the curve of the chair, table and vase is mimicked in the curve of the bay in the artwork.


Adding plants, whether it be flowers or greenery or a dried bouquet, softens a space and adds interest. It also works well when the colours correspond to the artwork like here, where the silvery bluish greens are colours also found in the painting.


The contemporary style of the box frame suits this contemporary space. The colour of the wood frame ties in with the table making the space cohesive and easy on the eye.

That's it from me. Have you made any observations of your own that I didn't mention? Check out the blog for other spaces I have deconstructed.

Lauren x


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