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Contemporary Interior Design Deconstructed: Why this space works?

Contemporary beach artwork in rust coloured hallway
Original artwork by Lauren Esplin

Do you often connect with a space but are unsure about exactly what you like about it? Here I deconstruct spaces and point out elements that make a space cohesive. So you can better understand your tastes and perhaps even replicate it at home.


This is a contemporary space. The arched hallway, the textured rust coloured drapes, the dried florals, the oak herringbone flooring are all hallmarks of 2022/23 trends.

Art Style

The artwork is contemporary in style also, so it fits in the space where a more traditional style may look inconspicuous.

Art Frame

The box frame is very current and the slight cherry to the wood suits the warmth in the painting and the space.


The room features warm colours, as does the painting. The olive green in the abstracted headland, and the purples, are complimentary to this palette. In addition, the rusty tones and ochre, are mirrored tone of the drapery and floorboards.


The palm tree in the painting connects with the shape and texture of floral display in the foreground.

That's it from me. Have you made any observations of your own that I didn't mention? Check out the blog for other spaces I have deconstructed.

Lauren x


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